Come and celebrate the one year anniversary of Cukui and Biscuits in Japantown San Jose on Saturday, August 27 at 12 p.m.  

“Hello friends and family! Both Cukui & Biscuits have been blessed by the out pour of love and support you all provided us this year. From the welcoming environment and Japantown’s deeply rooted community we embraced every aspect of this corner of San Jose with open arms (as you have done with us).  So to show our appreciation, and in celebration of Cukui & Biscuits One Year Anniversary in San Jose Japantown, we are throwing a BLOCK PARTY!!

We’ll be featuring live DJ acts and performances by local bands, dancers and drummers as well as pets for adoption, local vendors, live art fusion, dog training sessions, raffles & giveaways, and a TON of food and beer!

Cukui will also be releasing a series of special edition Anniversary Tees. This is a FREE and pet-friendly event so make sure to the bring the entire family and the little (or big) fuzzy one.

Our gain in opening businesses in Japantown was becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves, or even in the name of commerce. It was about allowing us to be human with one another and sharing our passions and gifts to the whole. And not surprisingly you have done the same with us, wholeheartedly without restraint. Thank you and hope to see you all there!

Cukui Mayne! Woof!”

= Cukui & Biscuits =

Live Performances by: Rey Resurreccion, My Peoples, Audiopharmacy, Mango Kingz, April Chase Band, Nemenzo Tahitian Dance Group, San Jose Taiko, Drunken Starfighter

Live DJ sets by: Cutso, Squareweezy, Sig-O, Illtrax, Dion Decibels

Live Art Fusion by: Swype, Jesico, Cory Good Morning, Chris Gonzales, Orly, Melski

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at this event, please contact Michelle at

For more information and their Facebook page please visit: 234548086576398