Are you prepared for a disaster, especially an earthquake?  Living in California we are in earthquake country and are all well aware we are over due for a big one.  The San Andreas fault is the next in line for a major earthquake according to experts.  I did an article about the Disaster Preparedness meeting in Japantown San Jose’s Town Hall.  It was a very helpful meeting because we were able to review some helpful tips in case of an emergency and began to develop a community disaster plan.

Something that intrigued me was the American Red Cross does not have shelters put in place for people’s pets or animals.  They are currently trying to work out a plan with the Humane Society.  But Jennifer Pan, the owner of Biscuits in Japantown San Jose, offered to shelter animals at her store and will provide them with food.  She was one of many organizations offering assistance in case of a disaster.  The community also agreed that Fuji towers which has primarily elderly residents will need the most assistance and the meeting place will be Roy’s Station Coffee and Teas.

A family emergency planning guide is located at and other resources are available at and  For more information please email Rich Saito at or write to the Japantown Community Congress c/o Yu Ai Kai, 588 N. 4th St., San Jose, CA 95112.